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IT Audit IT Audit & Security Audit Management
Introduction to Risk Based Auditing
Risk Based Auditing For Financial Institutions & Regulators
Telecoms Accounting & Auditing
Bank Revenue Assurance & Recovery via Data Analytics
Systems Security Skills

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Consulting & Implementation

The classroom training will help them understand enough Galvanize procedures that will be helpful in understanding the implementation steps during which complex scripts are written translating the audit objectives into automated procedures.

Advisory Services

We have successfully worked with a number of audit, accountancy firms and businesses with state-of-the-art IT infrastructures to ensure that their services are including data analytics. We have a comprehensive, unified solution that supports the entire big data lifecycle.

IT Security & Assurance

We are pleased to assist our clients in providing IT control assurance and assessment of the posture of their IT infrastructure. The use of technology can be characterized on the basis of whether a company is (1) acquiring (2) deploying, or (3) exploiting.


EDP, established in 1992, is a pioneer specialist information technology firm, strongly focused toward responding to the audit, control and security challenges resulting from increasing dependence on information technology (IT) and related infrastructures.

EDP is also the authorized reseller of Galvanize software and services; and Africa’s leading provider of computer-assisted audit techniques, audit management, risk management, compliance and fraud management solutions that are applied to internal controls, IT audit, compliance, regulatory and fraud prevention and detection. We have served many clients in Nigeria and other West African nations.