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June 28, 2018
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June 28, 2018

Providing IT control assurance and assessment of the posture of the IT infrastructure of our multiplex clients:

The Wisdom of the Initiative

The use of technology can be characterized on the basis of whether a company is (1) acquiring (2) deploying, or (3) exploiting. We also classify technology use as (1) normal, (2) significant, or (3) dominant. In these paradigms, many organizations are at the extreme of the continuum as they make dominant use of technology judged by the deepened application and dependence on information and communications technologies in their business operations.

For companies making dominant use of technology and exploiting its benefits, IT is a key asset that needs to be “governed.” Best practice IT governance frameworks recommend independent assurance for IT systems. Thus, involvement of our professional services in this regard is a wise decision that needs to be vindicated. Organizations require a firm like ours that is up to the task with superior technology and superior competence to meet the objectives of the engagement and deliver real measurable values for organizations.

EDP – Superior Technology, Superior Competence

EDP pioneered IT auditing in regional West Africa starting from 1992. Since then we have continued to provide intellectual and technical leadership in the industry through performance excellence to the benefit of our clients and admiration of our competitors. We maintain the best concentration of expertise in IT systems auditing with many years of diverse experience unequalled in the industry.

Another measure of our leadership is that we had been engaged in the past by some competitors to provide IT audit and related services support; they also depend on EDP for a continuous flow of highly trained manpower. It is acceptably an accolade that our competitors and contemporaries benchmark our best practices in IT Systems Auditing.

EDP has a Blue Ribbon team with the technical amplitude to serve you. This team has a world-class expertise in information and communications systems auditing that is set apart from competition by its superiority and diversity.

EDP uses world-class methodology in our service delivery, such as those recommended by SysTrust, COSO, and CobIT frameworks, as well as ISO 17799. Our normative best practice has become the industry benchmark, making EDP the centre of gravity in IT systems infrastructure review and assurance services. This is reflected in the list of high-class clients we have served in the past.

EDP has a Risk-Based System Audit Methodology that is used on clients’ engagements. This approach definitely helps to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Our methodology emphasizes system reliability principles as our clients’ business nature does not tolerate any exposure to threat. Thus, system reliability is, therefore, a market-imposed fundamental for regulatory, financial, telecommunications services and personalization companies; when violated it exacts immediate, unremittingly excruciating penalties that may trigger the cycle of insolvency leading to bankruptcy. Our Risk-Based Systems Audit approach recognizes this challenge and is designed to respond to all your systems reliability